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Single plan & easy to understand • Cover all your home essentials
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What Is A Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a one-year renewable service agreement that protects your most critical assets. Home Warranty One strives to protect your assets and maintain your family’s comfort by covering the repair or replacement of appliances and equipment that wear down over time.

Does A Home Warranty Make Financial Sense?

A home warranty is essentially a renewable agreement that protects your home and family against unplanned expenses, making it a wise financial investment. As you can see, repair and replacing systems and appliances is costly. With our plan, you can spend — or save — your money the way you want to.

What Are The Benefits?

With Home Warranty One, you’re covered. It’s that simple. Our Elite Plan covers 18 essential household components and our service center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it easy to file claims the instant a problem arises.

Plus, we’re locally owned and operated, and Memphis residents just like you. We care about our friends and neighbors and work with the most-trusted contractors to deliver superior service any time you need us. A live agent will always answer your call and personally assist you throughout the claims process.

Do I Need A Home Warranty?

Even with ongoing maintenance and proper care, home systems and appliances don’t last forever. Whether you’re the first family to own your home or have purchased it from another individual, the internal components will deteriorate over time. Similarly, accidents are called accidents for a reason--you simply can’t plan for them. That’s where a home warranty comes in.

Our Elite Plan Protects Your Family and Investment

Single plan & easy to understand • Cover all your home essentials