Home Warranty Or Appliance Warranty?

A home warranty is one of the most valuable investments you can make as a homeowner. Home warranties are insurance policies that cover the major appliances and systems in your home. If you recently bought your home, the sellers may have given you a home warranty membership for your first year in the house. This policy covers repairs and replacements on your appliances, no matter the age of your equipment.

If your systems have their own appliance warranties, it’s easy to think that coverage will be enough to protect your equipment. Appliance warranties provide a useful service, but a home warranty simply offers more value. Add a home warranty to cover every system in your house. This extra layer of protection will give your peace of mind when you need a repair visit.

Appliance Warranties Expire

Many major appliances do come with a warranty of their own. Appliance companies want you to be happy with your new purchase, and offering a warranty is a powerful way to keep customers satisfied. However, you shouldn’t rely entirely on your appliance warranty. A home warranty guarantees your appliances are covered even after their manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Each appliance warranty may cover different timeframes. Your washing machine may have a two-year manufacturer’s defect warranty, while your dishwasher only has a six-month warranty, and your air conditioner’s warranty is long expired.

Manufacturers may also cover different items in their warranties. Your new appliance may be covered for defects but not normal wear and tear.

A home warranty goes above and beyond the coverage offered by manufacturers. Repairs and replacements are covered for all your appliances for as long as you keep your home warranty coverage—with no expiration date.

Home Warranties are Easy to Maintain

How many different appliances and systems are in your house? Most modern homes have many major appliances, including a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, refrigerator, and more. Then consider your home’s utility systems. From electricity to plumbing, HVAC to gas, your home is full of different utilities. If you have extra amenities like a pool or hot tub, there are even more systems to consider.

If you only rely on appliance warranties for your replacements and repairs, you’ll need to keep up with the warranty details for every system in your home. A home warranty saves your time by covering your entire house! There is no need to worry about product registration, warranty expiration dates, or proof of purchase. A home warranty covers every appliance and system in your house, no matter if you have warranty paperwork for it.

Coverage for the Appliances Already in Your Home

If you’ve recently moved to a new home, you probably inherited a house full of appliances. When these appliances were new, the sellers may have held appliance warranties on them. But as the new homeowner, you might not have these original warranties. The warranties may have expired long before you bought the home. The original homeowner could have lost the warranty paperwork. Or the appliance warranties may not have been transferable to a new owner.

Luckily, a home warranty lets you avoid all of these problems. A home warranty covers the appliances that are already in your home. It doesn’t matter how old the systems are. Your home warranty covers your systems regardless of their age. You can be confident in the appliances in your new house. If a system does need repairs or replacements, it’s covered by your home warranty.

Home Warranties Cover the Systems Your Appliances Use

An appliance warranty covers the appliance itself but doesn’t offer any protection for the systems used by the appliance. Imagine having a problem with your dishwasher, only for the manufacturer to turn down your warranty claim because the problem is actually with your plumbing. What you think is trouble with your oven could truly be an issue with your gas line. An appliance warranty doesn’t handle problems with the systems in your home, even when they cause problems with your appliance.

This isn’t a problem with a home warranty! Your home warranty covers every system and appliance in your house. You can track down and fix the source of every issue. Whether an appliance needs repair, or whether a major utility system is the problem, your home warranty covers the necessary repairs or replacements.

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