What Kitchen Appliances To Splurge On

Whether you are moving into a new house or redoing your current home, the kitchen is one of the essential spots in a house—many call it the heart of a home. It can be easy to get carried away when choosing new kitchen appliances, and your bill can start to get too high for comfort. So, what kitchen appliances are worth the splurge?

A new range

While every range will heat your food, some do a better job at it than others. Since the primary goal of a kitchen is preparing food for your loved ones, we think an excellent area to splurge is on the kitchen range. 

Kitchen range prices can vary quite drastically, and there are a number of factors that determine a range’s price, including:

  • Number of burners
  • Size of the oven
  • Extra or special features, including a convection setting, a warming drawer, or a bread-proofing setting

There are other things besides whether you want a gas or electric range to consider when choosing a new range, including:

  • Do you need extra burners?
  • Is a convection oven something you would get a lot of use out of?
  • Do you need the extra power of a high-Btu burner?
  • Do you need extra storage from the drawer under the oven?
  • Would you rather use that space for a warming drawer or just more overall space inside the oven?
  • How important is the look of the range to you? Do you have a special color or finish in mind?
  • Do you want to get a hood to go along with your range?

A new dishwasher 

Let’s face it, dishwashers are our saving grace, especially after a holiday meal or gathering. The dishwasher saves us hours and hours of handwashing dishes. Is there anything worse than a dead dishwasher around the holiday season? 

Dishwasher design and technology have come a long way in recent years, and most are now efficient, environmentally friendly and, perhaps most importantly, especially in homes with babies, quiet. Like choosing your new range, you will want to make sure you get the best, high-quality new dishwasher that fits your budget and needs.

Here are some things to consider to help you narrow your options when choosing your new dishwasher:

  • How quiet do you need your new dishwasher to be while running?
  • Do you need the third shelf?
  • Are the shelves adjustable to fit tall glassware and odd-size serving items?

An energy-efficient refrigerator 

If the kitchen is the most essential part of a home, the fridge is the most important appliance. 

A new refrigerator is a significant purchase, so you will want to ensure you get exactly what you want and need in your new fridge. 

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a new fridge:

  • Do you consider built-in ice and water must-haves?
  • How many middle drawers are you looking for?
  • How simple (or complex) is changing the water filter? And how much do those filters cost?

Let’s face it, the price of a new fridge can be hard to swallow, but remember that you will notice a difference in your electricity bills if you’re replacing an older model. Modern fridges are considerably more efficient than old ones, so it’s important to take that into account too.

Protect Your Kitchen Appliances With The Best Home Warranty

Be practical and look for energy-efficient appliances with warranties or be sure your appliances are covered under your home warranty.  

When designing and purchasing items for your new kitchen, don’t forget your home warranty! Contact Home Warranty One today, your home warranty experts.

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