How Much Does A Plumber Cost?

The cost of a plumber depends on the size and type of the job. Smaller repairs such as an unclogging cost $75 to $250, while larger repairs can cost about $500 to $800. Get your estimate of plumbing costs here!

Average Rates for a Plumber

When you hire a plumber, you can expect to pay somewhere between $125 to $800 for the job itself, as well as the plumber’s hourly wage or flat fee. The average hourly rate for a plumber is $45 to $150, while the average flat fee is $75 to $250.

Plumbers are proficient in work involving pipe plumbing systems, fixtures, fittings, tanks, and pumps that cause the water and gas to flow through your home. The typical jobs that plumbers work on include replacing pipes that have burst, fixing leaks, repairing gas lines, installing water heaters, and adding new fixtures.

What Does a Plumber Charge?

Most plumbers charge either by the hour, by flat fee, or by the specific job. Hourly rates tend to fall in the range of $45 to $150, while flat fees for small jobs tend to be $200 to $250.

There tends to be a difference in the costs of hiring a handyman with plumbing experience and hiring a plumber. Plumbers charge about $100 to $200 an hour, while a handyman charges about $45. These basic rates for plumbers are given on top of the costs that the specific job will accrue. Each job will also have charges for materials, tools, travel, insurance, and more.

Cost of a Plumber Per Hour

The average hourly rate of hiring a plumber is $75. Costs tend to range from $45 to $150, and don’t include the cost of travel, tools, and job specifics. The hourly rates that plumbers charge are based on a number of factors including insurance, overhead, and union fees. A handyman will typically charge less per hour than a plumber, with average hourly rates falling $25 to $45.

Flat Rate Cost of a Plumber

Many plumbers have flat rate fees for certain jobs. A clogged drain pipe flat rate is between $75 to $250, while a larger job such as fixing a water heater has a flat rate of between $500 to $800. Flat rates save time and effort for plumbers because they give them a base price to share once they determine the problem, instead of having to calculate costs and come up with an extensive quote.

Plumber Costs Per Fixtures

Plumbers include charges for fixtures in the overall costs. Fixtures tend to cost between $100 to $600, depending on the type of fixture. Toilets cost up to $350 on average, while faucets are commonly $120 to $175.

When considering the cost of fixture into the total cost of a plumbing job, plumbers will add up each fixture and factor labor and tools into the mix.

Hourly Rates for a Master Plumber

Becoming a master plumber requires education and experience. Due to their expertise, they tend to cost more than hiring a handyman. Master plumbers cost about $75 to $125 an hour. They are able to run their own businesses, hire other plumbers to work under them, and can teach apprentices.

Becoming a master plumber requires:

  • Seven years of education.
  • Five years of experience.
  • Two years of experience as a journeyman plumber.
  • Three professional references.

Per Hour Price for Apprentices or Journeymen

Apprentice plumbers are still essentially in training for the job. They earn about $14 on average until they complete their apprenticeship, which is typically about five years. Once the apprenticeship has been completed, they become journeymen plumbers. On average, journeymen earn $24 an hour.

If an apprentice or journeyman is sent out on a job by a plumbing company, the company will usually charge more than their $14 to $24 an hour to cover their costs and gain revenue.

Plumbing Rates for Commercial and Residential Jobs

Plumbers charge about $85 an hour for commercial work, with an additional cost broken into 15-minute increments after the first hour. For residential jobs, plumbers tend to charge about $70 per hour.

Residential and commercial plumbers tend to each focus on their niche. Commercial plumbers have a number of codes and requirements that they need to follow, which makes them unlikely to take on residential work, as well as for residential plumbers to take on commercial work.

Cost of Plumber for Emergencies

Sometimes plumbing emergencies happen and there’s no choice but to call, no matter the time or day. However, hiring a plumber on the weekend, holidays, or after-hours can cost double or even triple the normal prices. This tends to cost about $125 to $170 an hour.

Prices for Plumbing

Plumbing costs depend on a number of factors, including local rates, labor, materials and tools needed, and the experience of the plumber. You should be able to call for rates and a potential estimate of your plumbing job.

House Call Plumbing Costs

Fees for Call Outs and Plumbing Trips

Most plumbers charge for their travel, typically about $1 to $2 per mile for gas and other fees after the initial 10 miles. Others will charge a flat fee for the first hour, no matter how much time under an hour that the job actually takes.

Cost for a Plumbing Service Call

When a plumber goes out for a service call, charges tend to be $50 to $200. This initial price is usually for the first hour of work. During this time, the plumber will check out and diagnose your issue, determining what needs to be done and the materials and tools that are needed.

Permits for Plumbing

Not every plumbing job will require a permit. Basic repairs and replacements won’t need a permit. However, if the plumbing job requires the plumber to go into the walls, a permit is necessary. It’s also necessary if you are adding new plumbing or laying plumbing during an addition. To obtain a permit, expect to pay an average of $90 to $200.


Why is plumbing expensive?

It can cost a lot to hire a plumber because they are highly trained, educated, and experienced. Many of them have spent thousands of dollars on their training and business. They provide an essential service that most people wouldn’t want to touch.

Can I find a plumber that is inexpensive?

There are plumbers out there that cost less. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Work that is poorly done might require you to hire another, experienced plumber, and you’ll end up paying more than you would have. If you find a less expensive plumber, make sure and check reviews, licenses, and certifications to ensure you’re hiring an experienced professional.

What is the average hourly wage of a plumber?

Depending on the plumber, you can expect to pay $22 to $45 an hour.

Do plumbers provide free estimates?

Many plumbers will provide free estimates, however it can be a lot of work just to diagnose a plumbing problem. When free estimates aren’t provided, plumbers typically deduct the price you paid for the estimate from the bill.

Hiring a Plumber

When hiring a plumber, you’ll either want a plumbing contractor or a general plumber. Plumbing contractors work on new construction and remodeling, laying new pipes and materials. General plumbers hire the basic plumbing needs and repairs.

What to Look for in a Plumber

Make sure and find out if the potential plumber is bonded and insured, with great online reviews. You’ll also want to ensure that they have at least 5 years of plumbing experience and have a great rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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