Home Improvements with the Best Returns for Sellers

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When it comes to selling houses, you want to invest in home improvements to help you to get the best return. For sellers, this can be a lot harder than it sounds. Oftentimes home improvement projects may not always help you to earn that best return on investment. There are a variety of home improvement projects both outdoors and indoors that you can undertake to help get the best return possible as a real estate seller.

Outdoor Projects

Home buyers love curb appeal. The look and feel of the home from the outside can leave a lasting first impression on a buyer. Some outdoor home improvement projects that benefit a home’s curb appeal and can provide a better return as a seller include:

  • Siding: Replacing or upgrading the home’s existing siding can be extremely beneficial in providing a good return on investment for sellers.
  • Garage door: Most garage doors are used daily, and the frequency of use can mean that they wear out over time. A new garage door can be a valuable asset when selling a home, and adds to the home’s return on investment.
  • Front door: A fresh coat of paint on the front door can help to catch the eye of buyers. Painting is a more affordable home improvement project for any seller. Sprucing up the porch or entryway with furniture, plants, or other decorations can help to impress potential buyers.
  • Landscaping: Many home buyers want to have the ability to play with the home’s landscaping. Ensuring that the yard is clean and that the landscaping is trimmed can help show a buyer that there is room and space for future landscaping projects that they can enjoy.
  • Deck: A deck or patio can greatly benefit a home’s return on investment, but they can be costly for the seller. It is best to do your research to determine if a deck or patio will provide a return on investment when selling. If the home already has an existing deck or patio, making sure that it is still in good condition will help add value to the home.

Indoor Projects

Cleaning up the home’s interior is essential to enticing buyers and making the home more attractive. Home improvement projects inside the home are known to add to a home’s value, and many can be affordable options that provide a good return on investment. Some indoor home improvement projects include:

  • Painting: A fresh coat of paint or a new color in the home is an affordable and inexpensive home improvement project that can make the home seem like new.
  • Lighting: Replacing existing lighting can create a fresh look in the home. Modern LED light fixtures are affordably priced and available in a variety of styles.
  • Re-facing cabinets: Updating kitchen cabinets with a new look or color can add value to the home and kitchen. Cabinet improvements are often a popular choice for sellers because of their easy return on investment.
  • Remodeling: Small remodeling tasks in the kitchen and bathroom can also help to increase the return on investment for sellers. Simple kitchen changes like updating appliances and bathroom tub and tile upgrades are relatively safe projects that can help provide sellers with a higher return

The extent of home improvement projects that you undertake depends on the shape and quality of the house you’re selling. Homes that require extensive improvement projects may not generate the best return on investment for sellers. However, the options are limitless for outdoor and indoor projects that can help to add value to a home.

Help Sell Your Home With A Home Warranty

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