Things You Didn’t Know A Home Warranty Covered

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If you are in the market for a new home, your real estate agent has likely brought up a home warranty. A home warranty essentially protects the homeowners from the expenses of repairs and replacements on major appliances and mechanical systems that break down from normal wear and tear. You may not know that there are some things covered by a home warranty that you may not think of.

home warranty covered  hot tubs Home Warranty One

Pools and hot tubs

One of the main reasons people don’t want a home with a pool is the cost. The good news is there are home warranties available for your pool, hot tub, or spa. These home warranties will help keep you from getting drenched by repair costs, whether it’s for leaks, chemical problems, or a liner replacement. You can cover the pumping system, filtration system, and heating system with a swimming pool home warranty.  

Sprinkler systems

 Home sprinkler systems are expensive and complicated systems that are fundamental to maintaining landscaping. A comprehensive home warranty will protect your home’s sprinkler system should something go awry. 

Home and carpet cleaning

With the right home warranty, you can use your home warranty to schedule periodic floor and carpet cleaning to keep your home in immaculate shape.

Roof and basement leaks

Water damage is one of the top causes for homeowners’ claims with home warranty coverage because many insurance plans don’t always cover this kind of damage. If your home’s roof is leaking, your home warranty can cover it as well as sending a maintenance specialist over to fix the roof before it causes further damage to your home. Most homeowners know that standard insurance policies won’t cover flood damage unless you specifically buy flood insurance. But, a home warranty will provide coverage for both roof and basement leaks. 

Gutter cleaning

Home warranties are excellent for conveniently and affordably taking care of chores around the home that most homeowners can’t reasonably handle. Gutter cleaning is a perfect example. For many homeowners, it’s too hazardous to try to clean the home’s gutters themselves. A home warranty provider can help you find a professional to get the job done for you safely and without breaking your bank.

Pest control

If you’re like us, the mere thought of a cockroach or mouse can send you into a tailspin. If you have a home warranty with pest control coverage, you can get an exterminator in your house ASAP after spotting a pest.

You can evict the unwanted residents in your home with the right plan and guarantee they never come back.


Your refrigerator, furnace, and other appliances that continually cycle on and off can cause temporary power spikes or surges in your home’s electrical system. Thunderstorms can do the same thing. This can harm or even destroy electronics and electrical equipment over time, but a home warranty covering electronics will provide financial protection and peace of mind.

home warranty covered plumbing Home Warranty One


Plumbing is not necessarily something homeowners think about until it gets wrong, and when it does, things can get extremely messy. Keeping your pipes and shutoff valves in healthy working shape is a tall task and one that can be covered by a home warranty.

home warranty covered garage door openers Home Warranty One

Garage door openers

Garage door openers are especially handy devices that can sometimes be exceptionally expensive to fix. Luckily, a home warranty can include garage door opener coverage.

home warranty covered ceiling fan Home Warranty One

Ceiling fans

A ceiling fan is another home convenience we often take for granted and another deceptively simple machine. General use can cause wear and tear on the various parts of a ceiling fan, and that’s when a home warranty comes in handy.


A good home warranty will cover the ducts that connect to your home’s heating and cooling unit. Any issues with the ductwork, including point of attachment at the grill or register, can be protected by a home warranty.

Well pumps

For homeowners who use a well for their primary water source, a mechanical system is what you rely on to bring water into your home. Certain home warranties will cover all components of these types of wells, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with no water for your family.

Spoiled food

Perhaps the most surprising item on the list is spoiled food. Say the fridge stops working. With a home warranty, you may be entitled to claim the cost of replacing the food that was spoiled from the outage. This coverage comes particularly in handy if it’s mere days before a holiday gathering and you had a 20 lb. turkey chilling in your now dead fridge.

A home warranty can help provide confidence that your home’s essential systems can be fixed or replaced if they break down or fail. For all of your home warranty needs and solutions, contact us today. As one of Memphis’s top-rated home warranty companies, Home Warranty One is small enough to provide you with the personalized attention you need and large enough to handle any problems you face.

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